New Year Epiphanies

The Rev. Elsa Anders Cook
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We had thought that it couldn’t get any worse after last year. 2020 was cursed and it would only take a simple turn of the calendar page for a new beginning to arise.

That epiphany has not yet come. We are still waiting for that big shift and so it seems that we need to enter this year differently. We need to be open to what might come and prepare our hearts and minds for what God is calling us to next.

This is a service to begin 2022 when we pray that the pandemic will end — but we can never really know what God knows. We can, however, set intentions and look for wonder because there is always wonder to behold.

This complete worship service invites the worshipping community to wonder about the slow work of God because not all epiphanies come suddenly. We have come to know ourselves differently in this pandemic and this worship experience creates a space for the body of Christ to enter into the new year with intention and hope.

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