KNEADED LOVE: A Maundy Thursday Experience to Bring Outside

The Rev. Elsa Anders Cook
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Maundy Thursday invites us into a new commandment to love one another. This new way of being in the world invites us to use our hands to behold and welcome the love the world needs.

Designed for a gathering outside of any sanctuary during Holy Week, this brief worship service allows the congregation to take hold of this faith by kneading dough before it is baked over an open flame and shared in communion. There are a lot of possibilities in this worship experience to bring outside including:

*CHECKLIST of all of the elements needed for this worship experience

*COMPLETE LITURGY to shape the worship experience including prayers for hand washing and communion

*MUSIC SUGGESTIONS to be sung together in paperless worship

*IDEAS for adding creativity and depth to the hearing of John 13

*RECIPE for flatbread to be baked in worship

You are welcome to knead these words and ideas into what they need to be for your community for love to rise in each heart. I pray this for you and your community.

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