Keeping Watch Under Pandemic Skies Bundle

The Rev. Elsa Anders Cook
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This year has been so different. 

Advent is a season for keeping watch and wondering what good news will come, but we have been waiting for such hope for nearly nine months already. As COVID numbers continue to spike across the United States, we will not gather in our sanctuaries for Advent and Christmas as we had hoped.

Keeping Watch Under Pandemic Skies provides an opportunity to claim sacred space outside on the grounds surrounding the church building. It is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscaping that has been so faithfully stewarded over the years or to wander through the parking lot to avoid snowy depths. This meditative experience unfolds from the Wednesday before Advent begins (November 25) and continues through Epiphany Day (January 6). Each stop along the path includes a reading from scripture, a reflection, a prayer, a song and an action for meditation and prayer. 

There is a longer path for congregations that have more space to wander on their grounds and a shorter path for those with less space. The shorter path can also be used to provide an accessible route for those that aren't able to easily traverse uneven ground.

Included in this bundle is a set of yard signs for both the longer and shorter path, a socially distanced Christmas Eve service and the full set of meditations for the longer and shorter paths for Keeping Watch Under Pandemic Skies.

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Keeping Watch Under Pandemic Skies Bundle

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